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How to bring mindfulness into your home

Jo from our Harcourts team met with Sam from O Studio, to find out some helpful tips to bring mindfulness and meditation into your home. 

Meditation brings you into the present moment and makes you become aware of your thoughts and how they make you feel. 

O Studio's simple steps to mediate at home: 

1. Find a comfortable area and quiet position in your home, where you can relax. Use any props if needed to ensure you are comfortable, like a pillow, mat, or blanket. Try out different locations in our home until you find the best position. Your body can be positioned upright or lying down - whatever makes you the most comfortable. 

2. Gently close your eyes. 

3. Make sure your scan your body and notice any tension areas that you might need to relax. 

4. Focus on your breath by inhaling for 4-seconds and exhaling for 4-seonds. 

5. Notice any thoughts and let them pass through. Then bring your focus back to your breath.

6. Practice for as little as 5 minutes a day to see mindfulness results. 

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