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How to bring the garden city in to your home

Jo from our Harcourts team met with Ben from Monstera and Men to find out their top tips on how to bring the Garden City into the home. 

Not all of us have green fingers, but these tips on how to repot a plant when you bring it into your home will set you up for success.

Our tips:

1. Tease out the roots of the plant before repotting. This will allow them to take to the new soil.

2. Don't pack the soil in too hard. When filling the pot with soil, loosely pack the soil in around the plant and bring the soil level up to about 2cm from the top of the pot. Lightly pack the soil not pushing down too hard so the water can still drain effectively through the soil. 

3. Choose the right pot size. When choosing your pot size, use a larger pot so there is enough soil to retain the water and your plants don't dry out (but not too large as the soil does need to dry out effectively over time).

4. Fully hydrate after repotting. Once potted, take all your plants outside to give them a full drink of water. You should be able to see the water flow out of the bottom of the pot.

5. Keep pets out of your plants. To keep pets out of your plants, cover the top of the pots with stones.

6. Start building your house plant collection slowly. Learn how to look after one or two plants first before you build on your collection.

7.  Watering your plants is vital to their survival. You should let the soil completely dry out before watering them again. A good test to know your plant is ready to be watered again is to touch the soil. If the soil does not stick to your finger they will be ready for a drink.

8. Plants should be placed in light areas of the home.  Near a window - but not in direct sunlight of the window.


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