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Kitchen Renovation Tips

Jo met with Alex from Hagley's Kitchens, to find out some helpful tips on what to consider when you are renovating your kitchen.  


Here are a few of our key takeaway points: 

  • Firstly start by deciding on what large kitchen features you would like. 
  • Talk through your budget, and be honest about what you want to spend. 
  • Don't forget budget means removal of your existing kitchen, renovating your kitchen, team labour, electrician, and then the kitchen fit-out and materials. 
  • Benchtops are the statement piece of the kitchen, so don't skimp on the budget here. 
  • The current style most people are going for is a minimalist look.  
  • Consider your internal drawer and cupboard storage systems you might want. There are plenty of price range options out there to find ht best suited for your needs and budget. 
  • Your electricians come into the picture after your floorplan has been completed. So consider all those handy plugs or feature lights you might want. 
  • Make sure you explore lots of inspiration via Pinterest on what you can do to make your kitchen yours. 


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