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 The standard response when you’re thinking about selling your home but are not sure when, is “sell in spring”. And there’s plenty of truth in that as warmer, drier weather and post-winter itchy feet drive potential buyers out to open homes.

But life doesn’t (and shouldn’t) stop for winter. People still need to move, whether it be for new jobs, for family reasons or just those itchy feet. So, no matter what the season, there are some distinct positives to selling your property in winter.

For a start, there’s a lot of people who stick to the “list in spring” rule, which means if you proceed in winter, you have less competition from other sellers in the market at the same time. 

And while there does tend to be slightly fewer buyers in the market, those that are making the effort to get out and about house shopping at open homes on cold, wet days tend to be more focused and motivated to buy, as they have ‘a reason for the season.’

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