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Why do you need a property manager?

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Why do you need a property manager?

In New Zealand we love the DIY attitude and it’s a great attitude to have, but sometimes things are much easier if we leave them in the hands of a professional. Unlike putting up a shelf, when it comes to your rental properties, there might be a better option for you than venturing into the unknown. By handing over to a property manager you can save time, money, stress and potential legal issues.

Find the right tenants, first time

A property manager will know how best to advertise a rental in order to attract quality tenants, plus they have years of experience in screening potential tenants to ensure the people living in your property will pay on time, abide by the tenancy agreement, and look after your investment. A thorough screening process takes considerable time but can save a multitude of problems down the line, so employing an expert will pay off. 

Reduce your stress levels

While many landlord/tenant relationships are smooth sailing when agreements are signed and stuck to, managing tenants can sometimes get tricky when it comes to late rent payments, damage to property, or early termination of leases. Property managers are experts in dealing with these types of situations, and make sure you don’t have to deal with the stress and difficulty of chasing tenants for outstanding payments or evicting tenants who do not meet the terms of your agreement.

Leave the legalities to an expert

Fancy spending your evenings poring over The Residential Tenancies Act 1986 in order to resolve issues or make changes to your tenancy agreement? Most of us don’t have the time or energy to study up on the legal ins and outs of tenancy law, but mistakes can prove costly and could end up in Court. A property manager can ensure any problems that arise are handled fairly and professionally and they will know how to represent matters in court if such an occasion should arise.

Don’t get tied down

Many people managing their own rental properties find it difficult to move away, or shy away from investing in houses in another city or town, due to the need for regular inspections and maintenance requirements. Hiring a property manager removes these ties, freeing you to live in a different city - or country - but still reap the rewards of owning an investment property.

For more information on Property Management, please contact:

Emeline Dear
National Property Management Operations Assistant 

Harcourts Group Ltd
M 027 822 4940


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