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Spring into Spring!

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It’s only weeks away from spring time and an opportunity to use the heat pump a little less, pack away our heavy clothes and think about the lighter and brighter side of life.

It’s also a time to think about refreshing your property portfolio and getting it looking and feeling great. By making a few small changes, you could make your property more appealing and increase rent values. 

Here are a few simple ways you can update your property and increase its attractiveness.

Introduce light and airy colours. Spring is a time for light and airy colours and fresh tones. Pastels are everywhere around us, so it will feel like an extension of the outdoors by bringing some brightness and lightness indoors. Introducing this concept across your property is a good 'rule of thumb' when making decisions to make updates.

Paint! If you've got some time to spare, consider repainting a room/multiple rooms in a lighter colour. It can be a completely new colour or just a lighter shade of your current colour. It will take a little bit of time and cost very little but make a huge difference at the same time.

Install heat pumps, air conditioning and insulation

These items which although we can see, are very important to people when considering where they are going to live. People want to know that in the cool of winter and spring that they will be able to heat their home and keep it warm. The same goes for cooling in the height of summer. So, think about your investment wisely, as its not only good for the tenant, but it is also a good thing for the health of your property as it could prevent moulds and other damp related issues from even starting.


By changing out smaller fittings such as doorknobs, switches and shades you can make a huge difference. These are so often forgotten about when making updates to a property, but because of their prominence in a room, making this small amendment can often modernise a space very easily.


We all know how much light affects us in an everyday sense, and good lighting will be very important when listing a property. A prospective renter will want to know they are in a well-lit home and so adding in sensor lighting both inside and outside property can make a huge difference. Lighting is also associated with safety and security, so this is also something to consider when choosing your option.

Water blasting

It probably goes without saying but first impressions are very important. It may seem simple but tidying an outdoor area and weed-treating it and water blasting this area will increase attractiveness to a lot of prospective renters. It might not seem important at this time of year when it is wet outside so often, but if anything, it is more important in winter. 

By considering these and other small amendments, as well as adhering to the important rights and responsibilities under the Residential Tenancies Act 1986 you have as a Landlord, we hope you will be able to find the perfect renters for your property.

For more information on Property Management, please contact:

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National Property Management Operations Assistant 

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